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In the garden center and green house, you will find beautiful flowers, hanging baskets and planters ready for you to take home and enjoy! Our greenhouses are obviously season focused.

In the spring you will find lots of flowers and garden plants ready to plant. In the fall you will find mums and pumpkins adding color to our selection of products.

Do you like succulents? Our succulents and their beautiful planters will add a pleasing touch to your home! We have them year around.

Plants & Flowers

shiloh market

Apple Display

Apples Dips


shiloh market

Pests and bacterial or fungal infections are a real challenge that gardeners face!

Pesticide and Fungicide scaled

We carry some common pesticides and fungicides. If you have questions, we are happy to help guide you in the right direction!

Sevin Dust For Bugs

Sevin Dust to help kill and deter bugs.

Sevin Dust 1

Copper Fungicide

Do you have bacterial infections or fungus issues on your plants?

Copper Fungicide 1

Captain Jacks Dead Bug

It’s in the name- Dead Bug. Liquid for sprayer application.

Captain Jacks Dead Bug 1

Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Larger animals eating your food that you toiled and sweated for?

Deer Rabbit Repellent 1

See Our Story

Our experience with growing produce in the past will be a benefit to you because we have seen some things that work and are happy to share that info when you are having questions about gardening!

About Us

Are you having trouble with pests, bugs or fungus in your garden or backyard?

This time of year can be a challenge for any gardener! It seems that as soon as you start getting ahead of one kind of bug or pest, another one comes along to test your gardening skills! We are happy to be able to offer you some solutions to help make your gardening experience worthwhile!

Vegetable Plants

Price Per 4 Pack ~ $1.19

Price Per 48 Pack (Full Flat) ~ $13.00

Broccoli ~

Castle Dome

Cabbage ~

Early Flat Dutch
Late Flat Dutch

Cauliflower ~

Candid Charm

Peppers ~

California Wonder
Hungarian Hot Wax
Hungarian Sweet
Red Knight

Tomatoes ~ 

Beef Master
Beef Steak

Tomatoes Cont. ~

Better Boy
Black Krim
Cherokee Purple
Mr Stripey
San Marzano
Sun Sugar
Sweet Million

Cucumber ~

Burpless Supreme
Marketmore 76

Melon ~

Hales Best

Squash ~

Early Summer Crookneck
Green Zucchini

Watermelon ~

Crimson Sweet

Vegetables & Herbs

Lettuce ~ 3 Pack ~ $1.19


Strawberries ~ 3 Pack ~ $1.19


Onion Plants ~ 25 Bundle ~ $2.49


12 In. Lettuce Bowls ~ $6.99

3 Gallon Husky Red Tomatoe $9.99


3 Pack ~ $1.19

36 Pack (Full Flat) ~ $13.00

Purple Basil
Lemon Mint
Lemon Grass
Lemon Basil

Vegetable Seeds

In the  market you will be pleased to find high quality fruits and vegetables, along with canned goods, frozen meats, dairy products, and more!

Fruits and Vegetables

products shiloh market

Prepackaged Frozen Meat

IMG 5233 scaled

Prepackaged Cheese

IMG 5203 scaled

Jams, Jellies & Pickles

canned goods 4 scaled


Gift Option 5

Bird Seed

Sommers Wild Bird Seed

Bird Feeders

shiloh market

Gift Baskets

shiloh market


Poinsetta 1

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Our beef is locally raised. It comes pre-packaged and frozen. We also carry some pork meat products and frozen chicken as well. The chickens are grass fed, humanely raised birds.

We also have a nice selection of dairy products. Primarily milk, cheese & ice cream. Also take note of the cage free Grade A large eggs!

Here is a list of the meat cuts and all the products that we carry in this category:

  • Hamburger

  • Chuck Roast

  • Chuck Arm Roast

  • Pot Roast

  • Chuck Blade Roast

  • T-bone Steak

  • Sirloin Steak

  • Ribeye Steak 

  • Porterloin Steak

  • Cube Steak

  • Baby Back Ribs

  • Breakfast Sausage Patties & Links

  • Sliced Bacon

  • Smoked Ham Slice

  • Cage Free Eggs

  • Cow Milk

  • Specialty Cheese

  • Cheese

  • Ice Cream

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Naturally Raised Beef Meat

IMG 5231 scaled

Naturally Raised Beef Meat

IMG 5233 scaled

Specialty Cheeses

IMG 5212 scaled

Baby Back Ribs

IMG 5229 scaled

Sliced Bacon

IMG 5206 scaled

Smoked Ham Slice

IMG 5207 scaled

Breakfast Sausage Patties

IMG 5210 scaled

Breakfast Sausage Links

IMG 5208 scaled

Local, Pasture Raised Chicken

Chicken scaled

Cage Free Eggs

IMG 5204 scaled


IMG 5200 scaled


IMG 5203 scaled

Ice Cream

IMG 5205 scaled

Here are a few of the fruits and veggies we carry at wholesale prices.

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IMG 4192 1 scaled


IMG 4196 scaled

Sweet Corn

IMG 5215 scaled


IMG 5105 scaled


IMG 5213 scaled


IMG 5107 scaled

Strawberries & Peaches

Looking for gardening supplies?

(419) 896-2072

In the spring we have many garden seeds in stock for you. We also have hanging baskets, succulents, flowers & plants for you!

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pot display scaled

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